International Workshop on postponing ageing
"Contemporary Problems of Prolonging Work Ability.
Age Management: Extending the Work Life"
October 9-10, 2008. Tallinn

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About the Workshop "Contemporary Problems of Prolonging Work Ability"

Keynote speakers:

Aubrey de Grey photo

Dr. Aubrey de Grey
world top gerontologist. Further information

Presentation "Prospects for defeating ageing altogether"


Juhani Ilmarinen photo

prof. Juhani Ilmarinen
world top gerontologist. Further information

Presentation "Extending the work life"


Ülo Kristjuhan photo

Ülo Kristjuhan, Ph.D
researcher of ageing. Further information

Presentation "Maintaining youth and postponing ageing in the real world"


The aims of the workshop:

- Provide a forum for researchers and officials concerned with the problems of extending years of work ability, work life and overall life;

- Develope recommendations at government and enterprise level.


- Ageing and Work
- Ageing Process
- Ageing and Knowledge-Based Economy

Proceedings of the workshop will be published.


Most older people in Europe would like to do healthy and useful work after the age of 60. No human of any age would choose to experience feelings of uselessness and devalued. Last years research shows that under healthy working and living conditions the age-related processes in the human organism are slowed down. There are many topical problems with prolonging work life and its border areas.

Sometimes older people are undervalued. Humans value highly the young, the beautiful, physically strong and nimble, and do not like to think about problems of ageing and that they themselves will be the old. Therefore some discrimination of older workers exists. This causes lower quality of their life and worse health.

There are many unsolved problems of influence work on processes of ageing. Connections working environment - ageing  need more study. Sometimes this influence is negative, sometimes positive. However most people think that working is bad for health.

Connections of demographic ageing with productivity and technological innovations are unclear.

We must also think tens of years ahead. A science about making an organism or his parts younger, rejuvenology, seems unbelievable. Hovever scientific facts speak an opposite. Research in the field of science is developing rapidly.
October 9-10, 2008
Tallinn, ESTONIA

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